CM Punk Reportedly Dumped in Favor of Triple H’s Handpicked Star vs Drew McIntyre, “Obvious” Result Announced


Drew McIntyre has been snubbed from the participants’ list of the upcoming Saudi Arabian PLE due to injury. But that doesn’t mean WWE doesn’t have a better alternative plan for him in the future. The Scotsman has seen his stock rise through continuous upheavals. While his patterns might seem irksome for some, according to a recent perceptive analysis, he will have his way pretty soon. Even with other superstars like Jey Uso and CM Punk vying for the top prize, the Scotsman could soon earn his roses.


In an offbeat predictive scenario, McIntyre could clinch his prize (the World Heavyweight Championship) from Damian Priest in a huge singles match.

Drew Mclntyre’s fate decoded after he gets a title-shot promise from Damian Priest


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Drew McIntyre stormed through the WWE ring during last week’s Monday Night Raw and kept on doing what he does best. Following the constant complaining spree and war of words, reigning champion Damian Priest agreed to give him a shot at his title in the future. This paves the way for an intriguing scenario to suffice in the crowded WWE World Heavyweight picture. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio divulged what the build-up and finally the outcome of their eventual match-up might look like. The popular wrestling voice remarked that the reigning World Heavyweight champion borrowed a tool from the Scotsman’s arsenal.

He laid out the hypocrisy of McIntyre from the perspective of Priest. ‘‘All you do is complain about your title and losing the title well you know what I wanted to cash in on Seth Rollins at WrestleMania or before WrestleMania and you and I could add a match for the title of WrestleMania, you’re the guy who kept stopping me from cashing in and then he says, then you’re the guy that said well why don’t you wait until I beat Seth Rollins and then Cash in? Well, I did. He knows I did exactly what you told me to do and now you’re complaining about it.” Meltzer then provided a clue on what the endgame for the Scotsman’s title aspirations could look like.

He continued, “So anyway, they’re gonna have a match at some point. And I don’t know what’s going to be. You know they got that show coming up, that stadium show, the new Clash of the castle? I thought that Drew was just going to beat Priest there. But man Priest is so good, I don’t want to be beaten. So I guess we will find out how they do this, eventually. Drew’s going to win and getting a run. Thats obvious.” 


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While Meltzer’s strategic prophecy made enough sense, the scenario needs to leave CM Punk on the back foot to materialize.

Mclntyre vs Punk could take a backseat after recent developments

The animosity between CM Punk and Drew McIntyre has been taking over pro wrestling since the former’s monumental homecoming. McIntyre has been furious and tireless in his jibes on Punk. The Scotsman has launched shots at the Second City Saint’s injury and claiming credit for ending the star’s dream of headlining WrestleMania 40. This bad blood came to a boiling point at WrestleMania, where Punk cost McIntyre a championship win. Even in recent weeks, both stars have continued lambasting each other through promos. On Raw last week, Punk’s humiliation of his arch-nemesis ended up with him teasing a huge Clash of the Castle bout between them.


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The tease almost made us believe that Punk and McIntyre would finally settle their affairs until Priest got in the way. What’s your take on Drew McIntyre’s possible feud and win against Damian Priest at the Clash of the Castle 2024? Let us know in the comments.


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